Complex solutions for easy tracking of vehicles on the transport network, which includes:
– devices for tracking: Ultimate 3.1 and Ultimate 3.2
– transferring data from objects over the SIGFOX network
– software applications for management and monitoring


The device is placed on a moving vehicle and sends data with GPS coordination and another information (in accordance with customer requirements) at given interval to the cloud service. The SIGFOX network is used to transmit data. The cloud service is accessible for customers.

Data transmission

The data is transmitted from the device via the network Sigfox, which has the following properties.
– communication takes place in unlicensed 868 MHz frequency band
– no SIM card, special SIGFOX modem
– data from the devices is stored in the SIGFOX cloud service; data is accessible via a service interface; one second between the device and customer application
– no roaming, devices work where there is coverage by SIGFOX

The new technology brings fresh perspective, how the device can be constructed as a highly energy efficient
– device switches based on a pulse; executes a predefined action; sends a message with information and then switches off
– the maximum length of the message is 12 bytes
– the number of messages sent each day is limited (maximum 140 daily)
– the transmitting power is just 25 mW

Application management and supervision

Data from the device is ready for further use in the portal Portal functionality:
– records of events (e.g. GPS position, acceleration, start, stop, time interval)
– display status and position of the device on a map or in a spreadsheet
– shock evaluation and information about damage on cargo
– evaluation of transportation (downtime, distance travelled, ...)
– alerts
– possibility of adding parameters (temperature, break in, …)